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Monday, February 20, 2006

Crapface 11 - I like ducks the best

Episode 11
Running time: 51:29

Jackson comes back for another talk with Myla and the Captain about pop music, sex and French pretention.
Topics discussed in this show:
  • Jackson is back
  • Commentaries, boxed sets, and special editions
  • 24K Gold CDs
  • "Spiral Ben & Jerry's"
  • How many dead artists are not 'dead'?
  • Myla's undergrad dissertation: popular music as related to high art
  • 1980s New York Post-Punk to 1880s Cabaret Artistic
  • Myla is going to pfail pfrench
  • Sleepy time
  • SxSW
  • A Canadian to 'do' list
  • SxSW as a PFA Honeymoon
  • Thank you Band Marino
  • Myla hates Rob Thomas
  • J-Lo
  • Jaime Foxx
  • Trapped in the Closet
  • The Grammys
  • The Grand Canyon
  • "Double Entendre..." "That doesn't make any sense"
  • Ironic Love Songs
  • Van Morrison
  • Songwriters' Songs are more popular when they are covers
  • It is OK to like pop
  • bougoisie
  • the French 2nd Empire
  • "This is so PFA I can't even stand it"
  • "We fucking started the Renaissance"
  • True intensity
  • "Don't expect them to like the president! NEWS FLASH!"
  • "Don't kill each other"
  • "I like ducks the best"
  • "You can't escape your destiny"
Myla's Question: What other CDs have been made into 24K gold?
Captain's Question: Are you smarter than us? Challenge us.
Friggin' Question: What are some of your top 5 Love Songs?

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Anonymous Pete said...

I just finished listening to all the episodes in one long run to catch up with you guys. Here are a few of my thoughts:
• I love this crap.
• I like the first episode because you could picture all you hanging out for the New Year. Most radio is just voices, I can imagine your program happening.
• The “Emily Filter” is working.
• The Adult Swim Generation knows that it does not need to be the best subject; you just need to make it a good story. You guys are good at making the stories (Ryan, you know where this crap is coming from.) of conversations.
• I agree with the get up and dance effect. If you just do something, people think it must be a good idea and join in.
• I only ever hear good things about Cheerwine, I need to get some. Yuengling is always good.
• The few times I have been to I-Bar it was cool.
• I want to find Marc with a C playing somewhere.
• Old Media may die, but its memory will live on as our new media tries to copy old media in an attempt to be nostalgic. Some CDs try to look like vinyl, and MP3 players try to work like tape players.
• My guilty pleasure is online text based role-playing games. I am such a dork.
• I don’t watch VH1 much, but I think I saw a Behind the Music with Tenacious D that was hilarious. I might have been a Mocumentary, not really Behind the Music.
• If not “Podcast” how about “Netcast”, or “Webcast”. Don’t try to make a new word (because you are better than that), just say Internet Radio, or Audio Blogs.
• Gina is awesome! I love the idea of an alternative medicine, singing, doctor. When she starts her practice I want to know where so I can go to her for my medical and musical needs.
• Album Title: “Read my Diary!”
• You always need to work to better yourself. I am a life long student ever if I am not in a school right now.
• Yes, I am smarter than you! :-p
• I think I might make a mixed tape. For those of us who don’t buy a CD every week, or even every quarter; do you have any suggestions for source material?
• Music = Math
• Tada Box + Tarter Sauce + Potato Rocks + Purple Socks = DNA?
• PFA Holidays:
o SuperBowl Sunday = “Wah” Day
o December 5th = Day of the Ninja
o September 19th = Talk like a Pirate day
• We would not know that the air-conditioner comes on if you don’t tell us.
• You need to make “Sex Clue” or “Clue Porn” the board game and sell it on your site.
• I think I am going to make a gold record of my own.
• Have fun at the Grand Canyon it is incredible! You will find it is more in person than you could ever comprehend by seeing pictures of it in books and on TV.
• Needing things in your life that are “so intense and passionate that you just can’t stand it” are what you said we need “things worth getting out of bed for.” The lesson here is that everyone just needs to find their passions and practice them until they achieve such concentration and intensity of those passions that they can die, having truly lived their life.

1:57 AM, February 23, 2006  

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