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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Crapface 06 - Orafice is Spelled Wrong!

Episode 06
Running time: 42:53

Myla and the Captain duet, mostly about the Coachella show coming up this spring in LA.
Topics covered in this episode:
  • Crushed Red Pepper
  • The Decemberists - becoming too popular?
  • Staying ahead of the curve?
  • Linger behind the curve until you're ahead
  • Myla's obsession with Smashing Pumpins and Billy Corgan
  • Chaos
  • Coachella "Flyer" - Dream Lineup
  • Bad spelling online
  • Billy Corgan is a lurker (online)
  • Paying $50 for concerts
  • "That totally broke my synapse"
  • Captain's Question
  • Myla's new goal: to have Colin Meloy on the show!
  • Colin Meloy - Does he need the Decemberists? yes and no
  • Upcoming Shows
  • Island Oasis?
  • Grammar School
  • Capricorns?
  • Emails
  • "A few conditions that must be met" "I think he means beer"
  • Mumpsy
  • "We're gonna call it a duck"
  • Kyle doesn't believe himself worthy of PFAedness

Myla's Question: What is your favorite memory of VH1 Behind the Music?

Captain's Question: What do we call the show if it is not a podcast?

Our next duck featuring Gina Riggio is coming VERY soon! Don't forget to send your emails to, and check out the links and past shows at Peace!
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