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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crapface 04 - She doesn't have a cape!

Episode 04
Running time: 37:26

Marc with a C guest stars along with Nicole, Emily and Ryan. Marc plays two songs from his extensive library.
Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Emily with a mouth full of pita and feta cheese
  • Broadcast premiere of a brand new song by Marc "Diane Works for Ozzie"
  • "That's in my living room!"
  • 'Destined to be a Classic' or 'Instant Classic'? 'In a Class of Its Own'
  • Marc's intimate shows & The Granddaddy Stunt
  • The Cult of Marc
  • "Everybody should sing and dance"
  • Rilo Kiley
  • "I'm gonna stomp your face if you don't dance"
  • Be the first person to dance
  • "...Indy-er than thou..."
  • "What used to be called 'The Mix Tape'"
  • "Old formats never die"
  • Cassette is dead, long live Vynil
  • Buying cassette and recording equipment is hard
  • "Someone decided you weren't gonna have it anymore"
  • Sonic Fabric
  • On Dokken "they really make Winger sound like speed metal"
  • LaserDisc
  • "It's hard to say that anything really dies"
  • "A good mix tape shows its age"
  • Emily's mom and her record collection
  • Digital loses qualiity
  • Emily raves about the show notes
  • A song requested by Emily dedicated to John (and the Devil)
  • Marc plays "Freezing in Florida"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laserdiscs fucking rule. Dig it.

And they stopped making them in 1999.

Long live Laserdiscs.

2:10 AM, January 31, 2006  

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