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Friday, February 10, 2006

Crapface 08 - How to Make an Indy Rock Love Mixtape

Episode 08
Running time: 57:20

A duet-cast with a cranky Myla and a tired Captain. We talk about indy rock love mixtapes, among other things. The show was re-recorded many many times, and the audio quality goes crazy near the end of the show, but at least we didn't lose everything!
Topics discussed in this show:
  • This is take 4
  • We are on iTunes - search for crapface
  • "You're not special, but please click on our Google ads"
  • Smashing Pumpkins @ Coachella - NOT!
  • Top 20 Love Songs?
  • The Cure is a Love Band
  • 5 Simple Rules to make an Indy Rock Love Mixtape:
    • Tip 1: No Repeats
    • Tip 2: Variety, Asshole!
    • Tip 3: Pick things your SigOth likes
    • Tip 4: Give him or her something new
    • Tip 4.1: Be Positive
    • Tip 5: Segues!!!
    • Tip 6: Put her name on it!
  • Songs with sequels are allowed - Schumann
  • The Mountain Goats prove that LiveJournal is cool
  • "Don't use eclectic wantonly"
  • Kidz Bop's "Take Me Out"
  • "Every time John makes me a... milkshake"
  • Hip-hop Love Songs?
  • Sad music can be uplifting too
  • Smooth Jazz? Try the New Age section
  • "Pantera Love Mix"
  • "We'll Skype your ass!"
  • Sunday Night Vinyl
  • Somebody is trying to sabotage our podcast
  • "Seth & Summer, Princess Sparkle & Captain Oats, TRUE LOVE"
  • Shows
  • "A Rip-Snorter!"
  • "More like small mounds"
  • Our first random comment? Laserdiscs
  • All call for Colin Meloy
  • We want to go to SxSW
Myla's Question: What is your fav. VH1 Behind the Music moment?
Captain's Question: Are you smarter than us? Challenge us.
Friggin' Question: What are some of your top 5 Love Songs?

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