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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Crapface 07a - Maybe it is Lack of Books

Episode 07a
Running time: 29:29

Gina Riggio joins Myla and the Captain, from ARIZONA! Thanks to Pamela for Skype, we are able to bring to you our first remote special guest!
Topics discussed in this show:
  • Captain loves writing code
  • Here comes Gina
  • "If you're gonna smoke pot, don't do it in your dorm room"
  • "Skype cannot hear you talking?"
  • "The Funny Farm"
  • Gina is a mega-PFA
  • "You can call me Dr. Crapface"
  • "As much noise as we can get in one span of time"
  • Gina's journal/song project
  • The PFA way of songwriting
  • The Elusive Second Album
  • Gina playing that wierd black thing
  • The PFA 'Boxed Set'
  • Our album art/record collection
  • Holy Crap I Love Raisins
  • Why Won't You Fuckers Just Listen to My Songs?
  • Mastering a skill
  • The Waking Life - the Twentysomething Plateau
  • "You have to work hard to be a PFA"
  • "I really gotta start reading, 'cause I don't wanna have a belly"
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  • Goodbye and A song by Gina, "The Cure for Everything"

Myla's Question: What is your fav. VH1 Behind the Music moment?
Captain's Question: What do we call the show if it is not a podcast?
Gina's Question: What should she name her album?

Our next duck will ALSO be featuring Gina Riggio, a 2-parter! Don't forget to send your emails to, and check out the links and past shows at Peace!
Links referenced in this show:

This podcast was recorded with Pamela for Skype, your personal assistant for Skype.

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