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Friday, April 14, 2006

Crapface 18b - The Surreal Life

Episode 18b
Running time: 27:39

Two-parter brings it back around y'all! Myla and the Captain spit on Sesame Street, TV shows and plenty of the usual. And because this topic list totally sucked, Myla decided to use her editing powers to make it, well, unsuck. Nice!

Topics discussed in this show:
  • "It overtook my life for four months."
  • Percussionists love these little ring-like chocolate chip cookies.
  • Broke Ass Cafe au Lait

  • 8 months, 6 days, and no giant rabbit at the end
  • "We need something to read off."
  • Infants watching Sesame Street DVDs?
  • Tickle Me Elmo - God, we're old!
  • Captain started piano @ age 8! (plug for music ed)
  • Vomiting over Teletubbies
  • We teach the kids words in other languages (like suscribe please!)
  • The Oncoming Asian Century
  • The Importance of Being Er-Earnest
  • Speaking of next week...
  • Sorry, boys!
  • Make It Short - David Applebaum (aka an "O.C." co-writer)
  • PFAs need to turn off the brain, with TV!
  • That wacky transgender sister of the other Arquettes
  • Petition of one other person!
  • Drilled into my skull since I was 9, maybe 12
  • "I thank God for Anna every day."
  • Geeks, sci-fi...Entertainment Weekly's best show of 2005?
  • Mom's gonna whack me if I interrupt the Sopranos
  • Worst seg EVER!
  • Drunk Jenn on speakerphone! Shavat Shalom!
  • Do we ever really talk quickly about anything?
  • Periods and Solliloquists don't mix
  • DJ JaunTy...
  • Lillian's in Lakeland
  • Because Myla's gotta be Myla...
  • Listen up to the PFA PSAs!!!
  • T-shirts at Grandma Par-tay!
  • I know Colin, I need Colin, I know we need Colin Meloy...
  • long, longer, longest
  • Kinder, Gentler, kind of Fireside Chat. :)

Myla's Question: Do you get the Vanessa L. Williams reference?
Captain's Question: What sort of news should we read every week?
Also: If you want to sell CDs at our Grandma Party booth, email us.
Also also: Tell us about some cool things coming from Canada.

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