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Friday, April 14, 2006

Crapface 18a - Get yourself a juice!

Episode 18a
Running time: 31:12

Apolagetic Myla and the Captain talk about the Captain's Podcasting Roots and the Real Myla Goldberg. Also LiveJournal vs. OpenDiary, and a 2-parter To Be Continued...

Topics discussed in this show:
  • Putting the verb in the right place
  • Smarter than us?
  • Myla Goldberg
  • "I have fans"
  • Covering Myla's Ass - Copyright, Slander, Vinyl Records
  • "And she sings songs and shit"
  • We're not in SAG
  • We've come a long long way together
  • Captain's TV Habits
  • VideoHits-1 - Really PFA?
  • Best Week Ever - Snakes on a Plane
  • How podcasting in this context came to be
  • "Leftist Radical Hollywood"
  • How Podcasts Work
  • "Fine... I DO love it..."
  • Our other shows
  • What to call it?
  • "If I had a camera right now..."
  • Liberatr Network
  • 'Clever Dan' is born
  • "`What are you up to?` I'm up to this!"
  • Gratis Bandwidth
  • To do your taxes?
  • Torn Down - "They bring out the stools"
  • Dirty Secret Confessional
  • "It's good songwriting... sortof?"
  • "I'm tired of things being `practical`"
  • OpenDiary vs. LiveJournal
  • "Sorry I got here sooner than you did, JERK!"
  • Phil - Party Foul
  • The MySpace Diary Migration
  • Pac-Man?
  • "The anti-nerd among nerds"
  • Frikkin' Subscribe!
  • "Is that really an inside joke?"
Myla's Question: Do you get the Vanessa L. Williams reference?
Captain's Question: What sort of news should we read every week?
Also: If you want to sell CDs at our Grandma Party booth, email us.
Also also: Tell us about some cool things coming from Canada.

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