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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Abonnieren, bitte!

Souscrire, si vous plait!
Suscribirse, por favor!
Subscribe, please!

I want to know how many of you kids are listening, and it is MUCH easier to trace if you subscribe subscribe subscribe!

You can use iTunes, Yahoo!, Odeo, or your favorite RSS reader with the feed.

You will get the updates as soon as they are published, and we will know you love and support us. We have been getting LOTS of hits in just the last 4 days, which is spectacular, but it helps to know how many people are listening so we can pay for our hosting.

If you are not familiar with RSS readers and podcatchers, try Juice Reciever, J├Ąger, FireAnt, or BitTorrent clients like Azureus (with plugins) and plain old RSS readers like Google Reader.

We love that you listen, but we would love you more if you would comment, respond and subscribe, subscribe! Really. If we have concrete numbers we will be inspired to keep rolling these out.

Don't forget that if you go to you can get bunches of other stuff like live concerts, interviews with filmmakers, Zanzibar Lounges, and more!


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