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Monday, April 24, 2006

Crapface 21 - People would slap you for that

Episode 21
Running time: 26:46

WHiRR's Katharine joins Myla and the Captain for a rapid-fire session of topics and PFA-ities. This was supposed to be the shortest topic list ever, but apparently it's not. JERK!

Topics discussed in this show:
  • Rapid Fi-ah!
  • "What did the Captain do this weekend?"
  • He saw your momma at Will's Pub this weekend.
  • Pick a topic!
  • Salad Fingers - Creepy and sad animation.
  • The PFA Hotspot of Palm Beach County
  • "If you lack hazelnut, that makes you totally PFA."
  • They Might Be Giants in St. Pete!
  • "I named my cat Linnell, because he's striped."
  • Saved by the Bell on Adult Swim
  • "I think it's just an excuse to show Jessi freaking out on caffiene pills."
  • My turn!
  • Confessions of a Movie Narcoleptic
  • "You can't so see it - JERK!"
  • Imogen Heap at the Social
  • How we decide that Imogen is PFA
  • Rock'n'Roll Confidential - Hall of Douchebags
  • "The band is no sort of place for a fat man."
  • More flatulence.
  • "I'm gonna get a suntan at Grandma Party this weekend. It's gonna be awesome."
  • Grandma Party's Out for Blood!
  • Captain recorded a live Yip-Yip show.
  • "Those guys must be like 85 pounds."
  • Katherine feels obligated to mention Marc w/ a C.
  • Is his name actually Marcus? We've learned something new!
  • Lame plug for for Live @
  • Natalie in Brooklyn, we love you!
  • Yaaaaaaay!
  • "Don't forget your boyfriend's phone number on the radio show."
  • We need a Boris PDA/flask.
  • "It used to stand for Secret Boyfriend, but we've been together for five years, so I think the secret's out."
  • "This is the longest conversation I've ever had."
  • Katherine has to go...
  • Exploding hi-five!
  • Let's say goodbye again! Clap for Katherine!
  • Saturday 12-1 podcast
  • "That was the beginning of my Four-Part Fart!"
  • Roommates, hanging out, as Boris would say, "Oh my!"
  • Myla needs to be put to bed!
  • "We need some Boris buttons! PEACE!"

Myla's Question: Do you get the Vanessa L. Williams reference?
Captain's Question: What sort of news should we read every week?
Also: If you want to sell CDs at our Grandma Party booth, email us.

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