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Monday, January 08, 2007

Grandma Party Returns, 4/7/7

For those of you that don't know, you can hear some of our previous talks about Grandma Party in past episodes:
Posts tagged as Grandma Party on


We didn't forget about you, and we hope you have not forgotten us.

Looky here…

The third randomly intervaled Grandma Party Bazaar is happening on
April 7th 2007 in the luxurious Stardust Parking

If you are receiving this email it means you were a vendor at a
pervious bazaar. We want to give top priority to you guys. You can
secure your spot in one of two ways:

You can sign up by sending 25 dollars through pay pal to Casey
You can save 5 bucks and pay Casey 20 dollars at the EARLY VENDOR SIGN
UP MEETING on January 15th at 8 PM at Stardust.

If neither of these is possible, get in touch with casey (via above email or myspace) and a special
emergency plan can be put into action, just because we love you that

When you sign up please give a description of what your
booth will hold and also if you plan on having a tent. This will help
us when we make the layout for the whole bazaar.

More information will be coming at you soon. Expect the normal or not
so normal grandma party shenanigans.

Grandma Party

P.S. …. JT will be back in town and he wants to see all of you.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Crapface 34 - Do you want a beer?

Episode 34
Running time: 12:08

Myla and the Captain reach their first Anniversary as Crapfaces! It's official! The venue is Austin's Coffee following the Marc with a C Holiday special with Bhren. Mumpsy makes a special unexpected appearance as well. Than you Crapfaces, we wish you a Pretentious New Year!

Topics discussed in this show:
  • We're back!
  • Marc with a C Holiday Show with Bhren
  • One Year 'Versary
  • Man Huggin'!
  • "That is a pretentious device"
  • "IKEA is their 'Third Place'?"
  • Austin's and Stardust are Third Places
  • "I hear that Grandma Party is coming back"
  • Pan-dos
  • "Goin' to Denny's?" "For a chicken Frontega Sandwich!"
  • Ryan's Car Keys
  • Here comes Mumpsy "You wanna interview me?"
  • Strawberry Pancakes
  • Tahiti 80 - Fosbury
  • Mumpsy has a band, we saw them at Holiday Help Out
  • "I'm a roadie by choice!"
  • Sandwiches, Coffee and Tea
  • Myla is Hungry
  • Thank you!!
  • PRETENT-shirts
  • Shrink Your Ecological Footprint, which is now a podcast with Gina
  • Happy 2007
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