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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Crapface 38: 3 years later, Death Hole

Episode 38
Running time: 1:21:45

Your favorite Pretentious Fucks are joined by Gina, AKA the Macrame Bird of Prey and Dr. Katz.

Topics Mentioned in this show:
  • Traditions
  • The Fit is Go!
  • Stuff White People Like
  • PAUSE!
  • Gina is not dead yet!
  • Ryan is minus one appendix
  • Spore
  • Ice Cream!
  • Sarah Palin's Fake Accent
  • Touch the Magic Retard Baby!
  • Is politics PFA?
  • "He runs for office and he can Sail...board"
  • "Yay for no shame"
  • Gina's new music
  • "I play the tomato"
  • hating bands for the members
  • guilty pleasure bands
  • most searched terms of 2008 - Miley Cyrus
  • Britney makes a comeback... again
  • back to Gina's new music
  • we need a recording engineer
  • FullSail
  • Penn State sunburns
  • finally the song - "Spitting Wooden Nickels"
  • David Byrne
  • the birthday party of today's PFAs
  • cats
  • Bug Boy's text message
  • "my cat is named Muffin too!"
  • eating Play-Doh and Paste and Coloring Books
  • Vegan stuff in Orlando
  • it's not healthy just because it's Vegan
  • Gina's Rebel Nutritionist Tips
  • Stuff you're not supposed to eat
  • Facebook
  • Bug Boy's Bark
  • Depeche Mode covers by Dog
  • The Lightning Round
  • Art Bazel
  • "BTW, this pie is freaking amazing"
  • Petentials
  • Maya's MySpace Cat
  • Eat more butter

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